Contract Listing

Contract Listing

All contracts must be approved in advance by MCCCD Procurement Department and listed in the APPROVED CONTRACT LISTING on this webpage before using on a Purchase Order. Please reference the following Guide for Cooperative Purchasing.

There may be additional contracts issued by the following cooperative contract agencies that are not listed in the Contract Listing that may be considered, but must be approved by MCCCD Procurement Department and listed on this webpage prior to use. To research these contracting sites, click on their link below to search:

     1GPA (1Government Procurement Alliance) Vendor Directory

     OMNIA Partners (formerly National IPA & US Communities)

     E&I  (Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service)

     SPO (State Contracts at ProcureAZ)

     S.A.V.E. (Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures)

If you want to use a Cooperative Contract from the above agencies that is not listed below, please submit the Cooperative Contract to Purchasing at for approval prior to use.

On the last line of the Purchasing Requisition, enter the Cooperative Contract number and description in the comments field and select "Send to Supplier".

Contract Listing